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EBooks have changed the publishing world, and now offer you new options to publish your novella. Of course, you can still go the traditional route to get a book published as a hardback or paperback, as well as in electronic form. However, if you just want to get to market as fast as possible, you can publish electronically yourself, at no cost, and without an agent or publisher in sight.

There are several eBook readers, but Kindle is the reader we’re focusing on here. It’s the best selling product on Amazon, and it does dominate the market. But the principles are the same for other readers.

Putting it all together for publication

Writing your book for electronic publication is no different than for paper form. In particular, a novella needs an effective plot and characters that the reader can recognize. These days, readers expect to be gripped even in the first few lines, or else they move on.

The first 10% of your novella will be viewable on the Amazon site, as a sample, so make sure this is especially good, and tempts the reader to want to read more. In a novella, it’s great to have some mystery in here, which the reader will want to unravel.

If you have it, use Microsoft Word, as this is the easiest to use with Kindle submissions. But you can certainly write with other software, provided you save the file in the Word format as a ‘doc’. If you don’t have a good word processor already, you can download a superb free one from (and get a free spreadsheet and other software with it).

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